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Revision Ru le

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I am learning revision ru le. I can understand it at basic level and how to change the revision rule.


But I can not understand why the bussiness need this rule and why the user need to change this rule.

Actually, in the requirement session, from your experience, how do you decide which rule is best to user requirements. Actually this is based on the user requirement. But I would like to know the concept of this rule and the situation which require specifi rule.


Could you someone teach me them?





Re: Revision Ru le

The Structure Manager documentation online has a very good explanation on revision rules. There are many different business needs for different revision rules. Without knowing your user requirement it is hard to guide you to a solution.


One example of how I've used revision rules: BOM's saved as Precise. When viewing Precise, all item revisions are showing the revision as it was saved in the Precise BOM. Say that several months later a revision needs to be made to this Precise BOM. Open the BOM in Structure Manager and apply a different revision rule (could be an OOTB revision rule or a custom revision rule depending on your business requirement) to view the BOM with the current revisions of the structure. Review the BOM to validate if new revision should be made or not per the updated view.



Jamie Griffis

Re: Revision Ru le


we use revision rule cause we also using effectivity functionality.


revision rule need for manage product structure