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Revision history in Teamcenter and Solid Edge

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi all,


Using Teamcenter 11.3 and Solid Edge ST9.


We currently do not track revision specific revision texts in Teamcenter (only on draft), but this seems very essential information that should be at the fingertips of any Teamcenter user.
I'm curious on how to approach this.

Is there a best practice from Siemens to implement or is this handled by the implementation partners?

I've split this question in three parts:

- Storage location of revision text

- Mapping to Solid Edge property/properties

- Solid edge draft revision table


My first thoughts are:

- Location: Teamcenter Item revision or draft dataset for revision text, date and person.

- Mapping: current revision and past two revisions to SE draft file properties for rev 1 till 3.

- SE revision table: one table (block) in the foreground with fixed mapping to draft file properties for rev 1 till 3.


For me, the main challenge in this approach would be the mapping.

Is it possible to map to a previous revision?


So, what are your thought on this?

Anyone implemented something like this?