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Rich Client "Not Responding"

Hello all,


I am experiencing an issue with a 4TierEXT rich client.  All applications except Structure Manager, fucntion properly.  When attempting to open an assembly in Structure Manager, the entire rich client window fails to respond (Not Responding).  I am struggling to determine the root cause.  


Environment Varaibles %FMS_HOME% and %JRE_HOME% are set correctly, FCC is running on the machine.


Have tried clearing all cache:  RAC, SOA, FCCCache, and shared memory cache.  Also, tried changing the revision rule in the thought that the assembly data may be too large, causing the rich client to not respond.


Has anyone else experienced this before or may know how to resolve this issue?


Looking forward to your responses.




Re: Rich Client "Not Responding"

I have no idea about the problem. But you did not mention about checking the syslog, therefore  I suggest to check tcserver syslog and RAC log. It should have more details.

Re: Rich Client "Not Responding"

I did in fact check the syslogs.  The most confusing part is they show no errors.


Re: Rich Client "Not Responding"

Our Rich Client occasionally hang like that for a few minutes before responding again.  It's a nagging issue but not a showstopper for us.


In the past, I've had problems working with large structures in the Rich Client and had success mitigating it by increasing the Java memory allocated to it.  In older versions, it was controlled in the Teamcenter.ini file.  In newer versions, you need to set it in the Portal.bat script.


For example,

set VM_XMX=2048m
set VM_XMS=2048m

Larry Carpenter, P.E.
CAxPLM Architect @ Siemens Molecular Imaging
Past Board Member @ PLM World, Inc,

Re: Rich Client "Not Responding"

How many bomline attributes are visible ?


having too many columns in structure manager severly impacts the loading time.

try to reduce the number of columns and load the structure

Re: Rich Client "Not Responding"

Great! Thanks for all of your responses.  I will try to allocate more java memory, and post the results!