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Running events on Teamcenter Server


Dear all,


We have developed Teamcenter integrations with 2 CAD softwares using SOA API. I got following requirement for the integration product:


1. An event should run continuously on server for ex. to monitor check-out operations on parts

2. If a part is checked-out (from any client), the checked-out object Uid should be added to a list

3. If any user (from any client) loads any of the parts from the list, he should get a notification/warning (that the part is checked-out by other user)


Check-out is just an example. Event could be used for any other operations.


Any suggestions how this could be implemented ?


Thanks in advance!!


Re: Running events on Teamcenter Server

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You could open the part/assy in Structure Manager with the checked-out column displayed and expand all to see if anything is checked out then send to CAD. However, it won't raise a warning by itself. Maybe you can do something similar using SOA?

Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
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Re: Running events on Teamcenter Server


Thanks @RandyEllsworth for your response. I will check if this property could be useful in our use case.


I also found "ModelEventListener.SharedObjectChange()" API which notifies a user on one client if an object is modified by a service call from other clients. But I have not tested this yet. I will update soon.

Re: Running events on Teamcenter Server


Hello everyone,


I have figured out the first 2 steps. Now I need help in 3rd step


Step 1. Using subcription manager, subscribe to TC-Objects for checkout-events

Step 2. Subscription manager will call a customized handler (instead of default SMTP_notify handler)


Step 3: Sending notification on a client machine:I need your opinions here.

On client machine, a CAD Session is running and it is connected to a TcServer session using SOA Services. The CAD user needs to be notified that a part loaded by him (from Tc) has been checked out by other user.


Any suggestions ?