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SCM for Development env



I'm planning for a development env and I want to implement an SCM (like Ca Harvest, Git, etc...) to take care of development process and team collaboration. Anyone has any experience & reccomendation here?


I appreciate your helps.




Re: SCM for Development env

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

The simple answer: Use what you already have and you are used to.


I'm working with subversion and git and connections between them.

For enterprice I would rather tend to subversion, it seems to me easier to check out just a part of project which I need (e.g. one Branch, just BMIDE, just Java,...). It is better for binaries (e.g. jars and dlls in BMIDE) as well.


Git creates a local copy of the whole project with full history which needs more local space.  On the other side is stronger for changes tracking.


An other difference is what you need installed on server. Git on unix requires just ssh access, but more often you have to instal some server (generally on windows and for subversion any time).


My current favorite is subversion as SCM and working system and git client connected to this as read only copy for changes tracking and code review.


Kind regards