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SEEC structure editor

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After doing a save as of a BOM in the structure editor we change the Datasets names of the new component created, we fulfied the required field (item ID, revision...), We click on "perfom action", The new components are created in teamcenter but we notice that some datasets names have not been changed as wanted.


The TC preference DATASET_saveas_pattern is not supported by SEEC.


It's seems SEEC is using a hardcoded format ItemID/Revision for the dataset name and if the dataset name is modified to something else SEEC will try to overwrite this during every Save As/Revise  action.


Do you know if a SEEC Prefence is existing to modify this hardcoded format (ItemID/Revision) ?


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Re: SEEC structure editor


we are using SEEC. did not have any issue. If you explain with some image/video, May be I will explore to help.