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SOA Client FMS Exception



I tried to export / import files via the com.teamcenter.soa.client.FileManagementUtility. Here are short snippets of code i use currently for PLMXML Export:



FileManagementUtility fms = new FileManagementUtility(connection);

ExportObjectsToPLMXMLResponse response = importExportService.exportObjectsToPLMXML(...)

fms.getTransientFile(response.xmlFileTicket.ticket, ...);



and for (Dataset) Import:


FileManagementUtility fms = new FileManagementUtility(connection);

ServiceData response = fms.putFiles(getDatasetWriteTicketsInputDataArray);




The first export is done without any problems. But when it comes to the import, i get the following exception:


java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not open FCCJavaClientProxy library. Make sure FMS_HOME is set properly.


If i execute the sequence in reversed order, that is first perform any dataset import and then try to export some PLMXML data, exactly the same error occurs.

Could someone please help me with this issue?






Re: SOA Client FMS Exception


You say that it is working for the first step but this error message is usually thrown if FMS_HOME is not set properply. 

Please make sure that FMS_HOME is set in the shell/environment that you use to start your job and that the FMS libs are added to your path variable.

set PATH=%FMS_HOME%/lib;%PATH%


Re: SOA Client FMS Exception

In addition, it would be worth checking if FCC is up and running.

Delete of fcccache, siemens/log, teamcenter/rac folder might help.


Best Regards


Re: SOA Client FMS Exception

FMS_HOME as well as the PATH variable are set properly for sure.

But there is one thing I forgot to mention: The code for Export and Import is executed in two different processes. It seems like once the FileManagementUtility has been created, the libraries are locked. So when the second process starts the Import, i.e. creates a new FileManagementUtility instance, he does not get access to the libs and therefore the corresponding FMS_HOME exception is raised. But i still have not found any solution for this problem...


Best regards

Re: SOA Client FMS Exception

I am working on similar application and would like to know the solution for this issue. So please share once you have found one. Thanks!

Re: SOA Client FMS Exception

[ Edited ]

Hello xplm2005,



Those libraries (dlls) can be found on the 4-tier rich client installation folder, under tccs/lib. A possible fix is to load those libraries or to point the FMS_HOME system variable to that location during runtime . Their names are FCCJavaClientProxy[Version].dll


Tested and working fine.