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SOA folder


Does anybody know how to change location of SOA folder that is located in USERPROFILE\Teamcenter\SOA by default.

I want to install different versions of RAC at one host and have to separate these SOA folders.


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Re: SOA folder

Hello akhmetov!

Have you found any solution?
We are searching for this too.

Accepted by topic author akhmetov
‎01-27-2017 09:37 AM

Re: SOA folder

Yep, the solution was found with RU GTAC.
For 2-tier RAC all you need is to change the path for parameter @User.home in %TC_ROOT%\portal\configuration\config.ini file
For 4-tier RAC you have to configure pool manager.
If you use J2EE pool manager then you have to find %TC_ROOT%\pool_manager\confs\<your_configuration_name>\ mgrenv.bat file and add -Duser.home with value in JVM_OPTS variable.
Please see attached picture Duser.jpg as example.
Also you have to add -Duser.home as parameter to start Teamcenter.exe in your %TC_ROOT%\portal\portal.bat file
Please see attached picture portal.jpg as example.
If you use .NET pool manager you have to change only portal.bat as I mentioned above.

However, if you use NX integration for TC then NX is also responsible for SOA folder creation but it is hardcoded and impossible to change.