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SOA: how to expandPSOneLevel but exclude substitute components

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I used "StructureManagement.ExpandPSOneLevelResponse" to get one level bomline in ps, but it was include substitute components with I don't want with. And I tried to use the field excludeFilter in "ExpandPSAllLevelsInfo" but nothing change.


public java.lang.String excludeFilter
Filter to exclude the type of BOMLines. Valid values are: 
None -- Returns all information about the structure.
ExcludeOverridden -- Excludes structure or property values that are removed by AbsOccs subsititution.
ExcludeICHistory -- Excludes structure (or property values) that are configured out by ICs.
ExcludeGDEs -- Excludes lines that are GDEOccurrences.
ExcludeNonImanItemLines -- Excludes any lines that are not ImanItemLines.


It's there anyway to get the children without substitue?