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SQL search query for files


Looking for advice\pointers. We currently hold all released info in Teamcenter in PDF or DWG. These by a script are also stored at release in a folder. We are looking to write an app that uses a SQL query to pull the PDF of a given part number from Teamcenter volume, thus meaning we do not need to store duplicates


Re: SQL search query for files

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Solution Partner Honored Contributor
If you do this then you will need to honor "Named User" licensing. Whenever you reach into Teamcenter, which you will have to do to find the correct file name in the volume, then you must honor your license agreement. If you must pull from Tc then you might as well just tell them to log into Tc, Find and pull the PDF themselves because they will need a license anyway. Disk space is cheap - much cheaper than additional named user licenses for casual browsing users (like Manufacturing). There is no avoiding the duplication of files dumped from Tc at the end of a release which is done to prevent the need for additional named user licensing for casual browsers.

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Re: SQL search query for files

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I don't know what is the purpose of caching the files outside TC, but you can access the files using web client URLs like this: 


where AAAAAAAAAAAAAA is UID of item revision and BBBBBBBBBBBBBB is uid of iman_file.

In the case of 4-tier deployment with SSO enabled, file access is quite user-frendly.

the only problem is when the file is not accessible from the user's default group.