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SSO Login Page Java Error

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Valued Contributor

Dear Listers,


We have done an TcSecurity Services ( SSO setup ) and when we get on to the login page we get the following message as attached.

I have checked the JRE it is 1.7.1 that is running on the command prompt and is a 64 bit arch

The internet explorer browser is also 64 bit.

When I run the same on Mozilla(firefox) it works. Are there any setting specific to Internet explorer. The standard coreload for the users is Explorer 11

Is there any documentation. I have searched GTAC but could not get any solution.








Re: SSO Login Page Java Error

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For SSO you need to install JRE 32 bit. Then once you start IE (64 bit is ok) for first time, it asks you to enable Java plugin SSV helper, say yes to it. Then in IE-Settngs-Manage Add-ons, you should see SSV helper and Java plugin enabled for 32 & 64 bit.
Also add the server URL (http://server:port) to Trusted Sites on IE and in Exception Site list on security tab of Java Control Panel.
This should solve the problem.

Re: SSO Login Page Java Error

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TcSS install/config is dependent on the Tc version. The old TcSS installation relies on a java plugin that can only run in IEx86 which is why you need both x86 and x64 JRE's installed. Other browsers stopped supporting the java applet so only IE will work which is why TcSS has been redesigned to use an agent (runs in the systray) instead of the browser plugin. Using Kerberos is another method.

We are in a transition period w/TcSS where three different flavors are live:
- IE java plugin
- Kerberos
- Agent

@Amol_XPLM correctly states the steps for resolving TcSS issues for the plugin method.

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