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Setup Thin Client to open CGM directly in standalone TC Vis Base




I'm trying to launch the standalone TC Vis Base directly from the thin client to open 2D drawing data stored in the UGMASTER CGM.


The current procedure is to open the UGMASTER and download the PRT and then open in TC Vis Base, but we want to avoid, if possible, downloading the files.


When trying to open the item (UGMASTER with CGM data or Direct Model with JT file) via View->Teamcenter Visualization, the following error appears:



I have the following preferences set up:


  • VMU_Datasets, with the default values plus UGPART and UGMASTER.
  • VMU_FileSearchOrder, with the default values plus UGPART and UGMASTER.
  • VMU_RelationSearchOrder, with the default values.
  • WEB_EnableVisualization, 1
  • WEB_EnablePSEVisualization, 1
  • TC_show_open_in_vmu_button, true


I also have a rich client install in the machine I'm working with this. We work with JBOSS service.


Is this possible? If not, which is the correct procedure to visualize the 2D drawings in the TC Vis standalone version?


Any information missing, please let me know to provide it.


Thanks in advance.

ROBERTO RAMÍREZ, Analysis & Tooling engineer, FRISA Forge
Production: NX11.0.2 | TC 11.2.0 | TC Vis Base 11.2
Testing: NX12.0.0 | TC 11.4.0