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Smart Folders in Project-App


Can anybody throw some light on how to create SmartFolder Hierarchy in ProjectApplication. I tried in TCHelp, but steps are not very detailed and hence my prototypes failed.

Thanks in advance.





Re: Smart Folders in Project-App

Hi Naveengm,


Sorry for late reply on this, but it took me a while to figure this out aswell. Just recently started with TC. 


Anyway, what I did was the following:


In BMIDE go to extensions and find classic LOV, right click and create a new LOV. Name it to something like this: TF9_DefaultProjSmartFolder_LOV


Then populate the LOV with what you need, for example CAD,Documents,Drawings,Parts,All.


Then open up the global constant(should be an icon on top of the menues), there look for the DefaultProjectSmartFolders, double click on it and input the value of the lov(TF9_DefaultProjSmartFolders_LOV)


Save,package and deploy. This did the trick for me. 

Re: Smart Folders in Project-App

Hi Aron,

What is meant by "classic LOV" ?

I dont see any global constant called DefaultProjectSmartFolders.


I'm on TC9.1


Re: Smart Folders in Project-App

Hi Naveen,


Sorry for my late reply on this. 


Unfortunatly, I have no clue how the BMIDE looks like in TC 9.1, I´m on 10.1.3.


I think you need to create the global Constant DefaultProjectSmartFolders if it is not present in the global constant. 


In BMIDE, go to extensions, expand LOV,(should be a sub category named Classic LOV) right clikc on it and select new  Classic LOV(name it to something like TF9 or AV9_DefaultSmartProject) or whatever you choose. Populate it with whatever you need, then tie the LOV to the DefaultProjectSmartFolders in the global constant. Save and deploy. However, I would advise you to check this in a sandbox or testenvironment. The above worked for me, however, not sure at all how tc9.1 looks like and if the differences between these two versions are small or big. 

Re: Smart Folders in Project-App

Hi AronM!

We are currently reviewing the Smart Folder technology but we have some troubles.



I think we don't understand the ProjectTopLevelSmartFolders.
We have deployed the example of the documentation in our test environment.
We finally see erverything like in the documentation screenshots but we don't understand the benefit of it.


Because every project of our environment is under every branch node of the Project Top Level Smart Folders.

Is this the wanted behaviour?

Because if a had a branch node Program_Fam_B2, I only want to see the Projects/Programs which are included to the Program Familiy B2 (e.g. Project 005 and 078). But we see every TC-Project of our environment.

Is there a mistake in our configuration?

Re: Smart Folders in Project-App


Benefit would be,if I have gotten everything straight, is to filter the information on the attributes use the smart folder administration.

I´m currently somewhat in the same situation as you are TBSE, and I´m currently wokring on getting a better understanding on the full setup as such.

In my case, what I want to do is to setup a new project, decide what type of project it is(ie, prototype, new design etc) then based on that, you only see what you need to see in the my projects in my teamcenter, wheareas in the project administration you see all the projects,but sorted out properly.

I´ll get back to you once I´ve figured this whole thing out. Might take me a while, but will get back to you. What TC are you on?

Re: Smart Folders in Project-App

I think you don't understood me.

I only don't understand the benefit of the top-level hierarchy. Because the pseudo folder structure above the TC Projects makes no sense if I can't filter on the TC Projects which are displayed under each leaf node. But i think this is the same problem what you have.


The benefit that you can filter on project data attributes makes sense for the underlying pseudo folders of the TC Project.


I also opened a call in GTAC regarding the problem you have spoken.

I will inform you as soon i got some information.


We are currently using Teamcenter

But i found a lot of calls regarding project smart folders in GTAC. Also I see that the most problems are fixed in Teamcenter 10.1.5, so i think we are waiting for this patch to go live with the project smart folders.

Re: Smart Folders in Project-App

Hi Tbse,

Now we´re on the same page(sorry for the missunderstanding)

Thanks for info regarding this!

Re: Smart Folders in Project-App

Hallo again!

I opened a Call with the number IR 7585704 regarding our problem that we can't filter the TC Projects.


Here is the original text of the answer of GTAC:

"In fact, the Documentation doesn't state that you can filter the Projects under Smart Folders.
What you can filter is the data of each Project, not the Projects themselves.


May be this could be achieved with customization, but I'm not sure. You may want to get in touch with our Professional Services Team to check this."


I'm writting now with a member of the Professional Service Team how we can achieve this behaviour or if we missunderstood the example with the programs and program families.


I will contact you again as soon as i got some information.

Re: Smart Folders in Project-App

Worked just fine, thanks a lot!