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Standard Parts Integration


I just wanted to say that Teamcenter is new for me, so I apologise if I am asking some really simple questions.


We are trying to get Teamcenter started up with Solid Edge (currently ST4 with plans to move to ST7 in the next week or so).  We have ST4 standard parts uploaded into our TC database.  If we move to ST7, I planned on using the ST7 standard parts database.  If I upload ST7 standard parts, I was wondering what happens to the ST4 parts that have already been uploaded.  Is there an option in TC where I can select to use V12 parts instead of V10?


I also noticed that when I used ST4/TC9.1, everytime I inserted standard parts, SEEC would create new parts for each standard part.  Is there a way for TC to reference a working folder so all project use common standard parts?  The way it currently works, if 10 assemblies call out a M20 nut, then I end up see 10 different part files for the same thing.  It seems a bit excessive.  I also have difficuly with the fastener system.  If I create a fastener system, and down the road my flange thicknesses change, SE or TC are unable to update the bolt size to the correct length.  Has anybody experienced something like this before?