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Status flag missing on PDF created by dispatcher

Hi Experts,


When I start a workflow to release a TC object the item revision and the native object get a status object, because there in the target object list of my workflow. The workflow calls the dispatcher to create a PDF. The PDF object is created and attached depending on the queue status - the main workflow already finished.


I don't want to ad a do task to stop the workflow, because this needs manual interaction from the user. I ask for an automatic process, where the workflow stops and wait till the PDF is attached from the dispather. So I can add the PDF file with their specific relation and type and add it to the target objects.


Please let me know how is your process within Teamcenter to generate PDF or other exchange format files from TC CAD or office objects with an status object attached at the end.



Re: Status flag missing on PDF created by dispatcher

I made some steps forward by adding a validation task who checks a specific relation on a target object (EPM-check-related-objects). As long as the PDF is not available the task turns in a loop.