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Strategy for managing FMEA, Process Flow Diagrams and Control Plans in TC

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Valued Contributor

Hi all,

I'm curious if anyone has developed a simple configuration or process in TC for managing APQP documentation, specifically DFMEA, Process Flow Diagrams, PFMEA and Control Plans. Over the years we've looked at numerous tools in TC (Systems Engineering/Requirements, and more recently the acquired IBS/QMS product that is starting to be integrated to TC). While those tools are extremely comprehensive, the implementation of the IBS product isn't fully there in the TCUA rich client at the moment and it would be a substantial project to get up and running.


I was interested to see if anyone was doing a simple document management process of these quality documents (generally they live in an Excel format) inside of TC. Our current concerns are focused around ensuring that all of our quality documents are reviewed and revised appropriately when critical characteristics change. We have a process to do this now, but it isn't integrated w/ TC which is what we are using for all of our design data management.


I was considering building a simple BOM structure like this:

Quality documents for Project XYZ (Item)

      +Quality documents for Project XYZ/A (ItemRev)

           -Quality document BOM (BVR)


The BOM would consisit of documents

Quality document BOM

     -DFMEA (Document Revision)

     -Process Flow Diagram  (Document Revision)

     -PFMEA (Document Revision)     

     -Control Plan (Document Revision)


I was thinking about using dynamic participants in a workflow that would require review of the documents by all possible affected participants when any changes are requested.


Really looking for feedback on how other people manage their D/PFMEA data right now. Any feedback is appreciated




Re: Strategy for managing FMEA, Process Flow Diagrams and Control Plans in TC


Actually, I have exactly the same issue in my company. If you had solved that problem, I would be very interested to know how you managed to set up this quality documents management.
Indeed, I am working on the possibility to share PFMEA outputs within TC or Sharepoint.

I am also very interested to have your feedback about IBS/QMS.

Re: Strategy for managing FMEA, Process Flow Diagrams and Control Plans in TC




I started to look at this by using Scheduling inside Rich Client some time ago.

This as I got the question if it was possible to get the TFC1 and 2 electronically managed as they today need to send a paper around and scan it before it's stored in the project folder.
By doing it in Scheduling I can assign the templates as deliverables and use workflows for the TFC1 approval process.


My thoughts are that this schedule is connected to the item and/or to the Project (We use this to group all CAD data into filtered folders for our Project managers so they don't need to search for all different parts)


We have also checked on the QMS (Former QSYS in IBS) to use to manage our quality data.

There are some really good benefits with it but it's a huge system and needs to be taken piece by piece.

At the moment it's the FMEA that is possible to run in Teamcenter and it's also possible to get JT data into Inspection Control instructions.

The really good upside with QMS is that it's data driven and not document driven so all information can be passed on to other areas.
As we have now with the Excel sheets it's impossible to extract the information inside and reuse it in some other area. Mostly we create and new document and do copy and past but when something changes is a process to do it all over again, I assume most of you have the same struggle!

It is not implemented yet but we are setting up a pilot for some of the modules during this year.

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