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Suggestions for BMIDE Templates management


Hello ,


we develope PLM-CAD integrations and for TC I have BMIDE templates of different CADs


BMIDE template for a  CAD includes:

1. Custom datasets for the CAD system
2. Custom properties/DeepCopyRules on ItemRevision class

some customers want it the way I already have it. But, one of the customers had complained that they don't want custom properties on ItemRev but only on a Derived ItemRev-type in their environment.


I though of having separate templates for custom datasets and custom properties that means, no of templates is double the no of CADs we support (right now we support 4)


This looks to be most convenient and flexible solution from maintenance point of view, but I am not sure if this is recommended ? Is it worth to have a project just for few custom properties? 


Mainly because, with this we will have many BMIDE projects. I experienced in past that BMIDE crashed when many projects were open. Since then I keep only one project open at a time.


Looking forward to your suggestions.


Re: Suggestions for BMIDE Templates management

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

My suggestion would be to define your Standard CAD Integrations with your own template. Every change you make for a Customer, you can define a Cust Template with Independency to your standard template. By doing it like this, you keep your standards clean and can define for every customer his own changes without touching your Templates