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TC 11.2.1 + AW 3.0 Visualization not working

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I have installed TC 11.2.0 4Tier with a 4Tier RAC, which I then updated to TC 11.2.1. I then proceeded to install Active Workspace 3.0 per the deployment guide.


All has been working well, except the visualization. When starting the Visualization Poolmanager, I am presented with an looping error in the Vispoolmanager console window saying:


TC test error.png


I have everything running on a local VM (no external servers or anything, so all URI:s and URL:s point to the local machine/local hostname).


In addition to this, I am missing the "Viewer"-tab in the Active Workspace when selecting a part or part revision with a JT-file attached as a dataset. Is this because of the Vispoolmanager not getting a connection?


I am rather stumped.


Anyone have an idea?


Edit: I found something somewhat similar to my problem on GTAC, since I am running on .NET:


So i tried creating a new web site for .NET Framework 4.0 per the PR but I am still getting the error above.


Even this PR on GTAC about not having the "View"-tab seems related, but was solved saying it was fixed in AW2.1..: