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TC DATA is web application layer?

Hi, I have a question. 

We use 4 tier client and I am creating ppt about how to do the backup. In that, I faced one question.


TC data and TC root is in web application layer?

Or  they are in client layer?



Please help me...


Re: TC DATA is web application layer?

Hi @Gimec,


Web application layer (or web tier) is a Java based application server which manages communication between 4-tier client and server manager. So neither TC Data nor TC Root are in web app layer.


As far as I understood the  architecture concepts: TC_ROOT is in client layer and TC_DATA should be in resource tier.

Accepted by topic author Gimec
‎10-12-2016 12:02 AM

Re: TC DATA is web application layer?

I like to think that TC_DATA is in the application layer (along side server manager) and that TC_ROOT can be in the resource, application, web and clients layers (anywhere TC is installed). There are some exceptions where TC_ROOT may not be in the web layer, like with the J2EE architecture, where only the tc.ear file is deployed (built using INSWEB) or TC_ROOT isn't in the client layer, like with the OTW architecture, where the rich client is built with INSWEB (PORTAL_ROOT). If you install Teamcenter using TEM on a machine then it has a TC_ROOT.

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Re: TC DATA is web application layer?

Thank you so much.