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TC should't allow check in before save


Hello Admins

we have a unique request/question from users

as a new site we have setup the NX-TC integration where users

  • will open parts "READ ONLY" mode when they open in nx
  • They will explicitely checkout if they need to Check Out, and "Save" to retain their changes
  • They have choice of Checkin to commit the changes

As you know, if they Check in a Part it wont "SAVE" the data unless they specificall Hit "SAVE" button in NX before checkin.


Is their a way where we can configure sunch that user will get a alert saying their part in session is not saved thus preventing loss of data.


Thanks in Advance

Users are checking IN the part without saving "Thus learning in hardway" the Check IN is not Save.


Re: TC should't allow check in before save

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Solution Partner Legend
It has been a long time since I did see NX.
I assume you mean check-in in NX. This could be possible using customization (coding). You can explore the "callbacks" in NX. If there is a callback for Check-in (or pre-action) , you can pop-up warning.

Re: TC should't allow check in before save

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Valued Contributor

I am unsure of your NX version but in NX 11, lets say you checkin the part in the middle of your work and continue to do changes, when you try to close the part or directly exit the NX session, you will see the error reminding you of the unsaved changes. Do you see a different behaviour when closing NX ?