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TC10 Oracle performance tuning


Could anyone share your tuned oracle settings for best client performance (only if you've maked some tuning of course)


I have following environment on DB tier:


Windows Server 2008 SP2 64bit

Oracle 11g R2 64bit

Total amount of connected users in peak hours about 200-220 users


Automatic memory management is ON and if I remember right - about 40% of RAM is dedicated for oracle

(this is default setting as I know)


Wich oracle parameters can be tunned?


Re: TC10 Oracle performance tuning

Look at the SGA and PGA settings for your database. You can also create AWR reports on your database and have your DB team analyze it for slow SQL running in your database and accordingly add indexes based on the AWR reports. The AWR reports can be a good start. Also you can try pinning few of the most frequently used tables that can help as well.