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TC11.2 What is the Federal license server?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

From the release of TC11.2, TC supports   Federal license server.

What is the  Federal license server in Teamcenter. Generallt if we set the  Federal license server, we can acess to any application witout typing ID and Password. But in the TC, we also type password and id only one time.


So I cannot understand what is the benefit of this federal licesece server. 


Q1: Could you tell me what is Federal license server in TC?


Re: TC11.2 What is the Federal license server?

1)Fedareted licencse is like, where we can assign a specific user to specific license in consumer license or other level as well.
2) By default user will be assigned to Default local license server with author licencse privilege.
3) Using this option we can restrict license usage