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TCIC 10.1 - need to login twice

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When I now try the TCIC 10,1 against the Teamcenter 10.1 environment I need to login twice.

I use 4 tier Rich client and distribute this and the Catia integration through OTW.


First I login to the Rich Client  and then I need to login again but then are all my credentials filled except the password.

It seems as there is an extra java process 'racless' started from the TCIC instalaltion folder when using Catia integration now compared to ealier versions.

Should it really be so that users need to type the password twice?


This is first login



Here is the second:




Re: TCIC 10.1 - need to login twice

This can be configured. The second request will arise unless a customer us using SSO. To avoid this you can use the preference



It will not be officially documented. Customers are expected to use SSO and Siemens wants that to be the standard

Re: TCIC 10.1 - need to login twice


Ok great I will check and try this preference!
I thought it had something with SSO. We want to use it but I read that it's not supported on 4tier so we haven't enabled it. At least not before TC10 but it might work now.