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TCIC - PDF of CATIA drawing in TC


I would like to generate PDF of CATIA drawing in TC.

I can save drawing as PDF, but it goes out of TC on local.

Any hint how to treat this?


Re: TCIC - PDF of CATIA drawing in TC

TcIC allow to Save PDF of CATDrawing when Save CATDrawing to Teamcenter using TcIC.

You need to define few preference related auxiliary files in Teamcenter.  



I hope this is what you expect here.. l will try to post the prefrence which could help.


But in case if you want to generate PDF of CATDrawing in Tc using some dispatcher mechanism and not using TcIC then this is something customization and not OOTB today.

Re: TCIC - PDF of CATIA drawing in TC


nice to hear that it should work.

Unfortunately I haven't  find any catia preference in TC about the PDF. Also browsing through Teamcenter Integration for CAATIA V5 Installation Guide gave me no info. If You could post that preference, I would be very thankful.


As I see, with that preference at each Save the PDF of drawing will be created in the revision. My wish would be to be able to control the generation of PDF by user (I don't see clever to generate PDF each time, e.g. Creo integration has the check button in save manager pane).


I was thinking also about dispatcher service - and it comes to me the ideal solution, because I want to control the PDF generation by workflow, just after the item gets status. Simple said -  PDF would always show the status. In case I would like to have temporary print of the drawing I would use native function Save As and the PDF goes on local storage without status info.

Re: TCIC - PDF of CATIA drawing in TC

Preferences are below







TcIC does not have this facility to control PDF generation on each Save. Once you define above preference then on Save from CATIA, whenever the Drawing will get Saved to Teamcenter using TcIC, the PDF will be generated overwriting the exisiting one.


Dispatcher is good mechanism to control this practice but it is not available today OOTB. I know EB( Development partner of SIEMENS for TciC, ) has developed this kind of customization for some custmer, may be you could reach them for this if required ( email is :

Re: TCIC - PDF of CATIA drawing in TC

thx, its workin :-)

One additional questions. Is there possibilieties to set up automaticaly name of the exported PDF dataset. Now the PDF has been exported with sheet name, so user had to manualy change it.

Something like CATIA_drawing_file_name_format={0}_{1}_{2}

Re: TCIC - PDF of CATIA drawing in TC

Not for the moment with OOTB configuration.

But still possible to achieve using TcIC Entry point .. This will be simple customization with less cost involved  :-) .



Re: TCIC - PDF of CATIA drawing in TC


what do You mean TcIC entry point? What does mean this customization?

Re: TCIC - PDF of CATIA drawing in TC

PDF has been saved with sheet name to Teamcenter using CATIA Integration. It is not possible to achieve the desired Dataset name or file name of such PDF Dataset with OOTB configuration.


So TcIC has provided the possbility where it is possible customize this behaviour using Jave/C Entry point function which are predefined in TcIC where anyone customize these function as per their need.


Those Entry point can be found %TcICV5_DIR%\custom_client and  %TcICV5_DIR%\custom_server location.