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TCIC RACless problem on initialization

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

Dear all,


A problem occured when try to open Catia through TCIC, 


Loading libraries...
OS name is Windows 7
JVM vendor is Oracle Corporation
Data model is 64
Start FCC
A problem has occurred
cmd=C:\TCIC_V5\bin\WIN32\TcToFront.exe 1049018
The RACless application ended prematurely because of an initialization error.
End of SWT UI Thread
Start function: ViewerShutdown
VisView is not running()
* End of RACLess application *


I found A similer Problem from


BUT In my Case, my server is RedHat7.0. I only found in the lib folder(server).

 Could anyone please help me?


Thanks for your attention!