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TCIC - date format in CATIA drawing


I want to map date of object (e.g. last modified date) from TC into CATIA drawing. Mapping - ok, Attribute link in drawing - ok. The problem is that the date is shown in format YEAR MONTH DAY HOUR:MINUTESmiley FrustratedECONDS (e.g. 2017 03 28 07:33:25).

Is it possible to set this somehow to display only date, not time?


Re: TCIC - date format in CATIA drawing

This is not possible with OOTB today.

Attribute Mapping bring whatever the value exist in Teamcenter into CATIA and TcIC cannot truncate this to any desired value



Re: TCIC - date format in CATIA drawing

Yes, I see that the date in CATIA is string. It is the result of mapping. I was also thinking if some "abracadabra" in mapping would control that only date would go to CATIA.

If I will not find any solution, the customer will have the dates with astronomical precision Smiley Very Happy

Re: TCIC - date format in CATIA drawing

Yes. In CATIA date is String. I am not sure if Teamcenter have any setting to control this precision for "last modified date" property.

If it could be then interesting check with CATIA.

Re: TCIC - date format in CATIA drawing

There is a WorkArround with catia parameters and formulas:

created_date - string attribute map from TC format date and time

created_date_short=`created_date` ->Extract(0,10) TCIC_format date_WA.png