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TCRS-set-bom-precise usage

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


I want to ask for experience regarding usage of the TCRS-set-bom-precise workflow handler.


In my environment we have configured all BOMs Precise.

On release a part (including its components) get a status, e.g. "SERIE", any preceeding Revisions will be set to a different status e.g. "UNG" for being obsolete.

So there will be just _one_ Revision at a time being "valid" and having the status "SERIE".


I want to achieve that the precise BOM, after release "SERIE" will keep all correct Revisions of the components with the status "SERIE" as well. 

There is a specific ConfigurationRule, also named "SERIE" which will configure the structure for that specific status.


My plan:

- set the structure Imprecise first

- after that set it back to Precise using the ConfigurationRule SERIE

( as shown in attachment )


Is anybody using that handler in a similar manner ?

Thomas Zwatz, CADadmin, PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH
Production: NX11.0.2.7 MP04 + TC10.1.7.1
Testing: NX12.0.2.9 MP07 + TC12.1.0.2
Unstable: NX1847
Development: C#