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Tc Tools Export

Using Tc

Selecting Tools-->Export-->Objects

I get to Target Sites and am forced to enter something here.  I have two sites I can choose from. I am new to this client, and am trying to figure out what these choices refer to, or where to look to make sure I use the coorect one.  This is NOT a multi-site installation


Re: Tc Tools Export

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Hi Lindy,


Can you pls explain what is the requirement.


If its not multisite  collaboration, you should be looking at other options like Tools->Export>Objects to Excel. This will export your TC data into spreadsheet




Re: Tc Tools Export

My peer is trying to move NX objects out of Tc to be used in Native NX.  
We are not a multi-site opoeration, so my question now is where did these come from, and or can we eliminate that?  (Or is it part object export functionailty?)

Re: Tc Tools Export

Exporting NX parts out of Teamcenter is best done from within NX with File => Export Assembly.

This is the only way to make sure that all interpart relations are correctly changed to point to the native part file name.

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Re: Tc Tools Export

This is a large library of common parts that are reused, and he was advised by GTAC to use this method. Open to alternate method. Still curious as to where those IMC* selections come from????? L
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‎09-14-2015 10:42 AM

Re: Tc Tools Export

The IMC's come from PLMXML imports during an upgrade or patch (usually). They are a byproducts importing. If you are not using multisite they can be safely deleted. If they are referenced then you'll get an error trying to delete them and can investigate it further. Make sure you're logged in as infodba before deleting the sites in organization.






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Re: Tc Tools Export

Thank you!