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TcSE Command Line runActivator


I need to call a (TCL) script from the commandline for TcSE, using the runActivator command.

Thia works perfectly when running it with one object selected (-selected 139.0.97788108) but does not work if I want to select more than one object. The API document just refers to ..

          —selected Comma-separated list of database object LOIDs or other information

regardless of what "or other information" means, does anybody have any idea of how the comma separated list should be constructed? No quotes, single quotes, doube quotes, space after the comma, no space .. etc "1,2,3"  '1,2,3'  "1, 2, 3"  '1, 2, 3'


Any answers, hints, clues (even wild guesses) would really be appreciated.