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Teamcenter 10.1.4 SOA UpdateTasks API does not update

Using the SOA API, I am unable to update the start date and finish date for a
schedule task. I have been through my code and believe everything is correct. 
I am using UpdateTask SOA API to update.




smService = ScheduleManagementService.getService(AppXSession.getConnection());


ObjectUpdateContainer[] container = new ObjectUpdateContainer[1];

 AttributeUpdateContainer attrContainer = new AttributeUpdateContainer();
ObjectUpdateContainer objContainer = new ObjectUpdateContainer();

 attrContainer.attrName = "object_name";
attrContainer.attrType = 1; 
objContainer.object = scheduleTasks;
objContainer.updates = new AttributeUpdateContainer[] { attrContainer };
container[0] = objContainer;
ServiceData sdata = smService.updateTasks(sourceSchedule, container);



Re: Teamcenter 10.1.4 SOA UpdateTasks API does not update

GTAC has a PR on "Error in SOA API ScheduleManagement.updateTasks() function". It should be fixed in 10.1.7. Are you able to test it with this patch?