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Teamcenter 6 - Extract Data Model



one customer has some translation tables for standard parts and a list of valid materials which can be assigned

from NX. I need to extract this lists. Therefore I would like to extract the complete data model, is there a way to do it. something like the business_model_extractor.exe in Tc 10+ ?


Re: Teamcenter 6 - Extract Data Model



Bmide reports has a feature to generate complete data model documentation in html be precise in java doc format.


you can access this menu within bmide. You would have to select the pbmide project whose documentation you would like to generate.


is this what you were looking for?


best regards


Re: Teamcenter 6 - Extract Data Model

There is no BMIDE installed on the system which we want to shutdown and we are not allowed to install it. Is there some kind of utility, installed by default in some bin folder?

Re: Teamcenter 6 - Extract Data Model

You could use the bmide extractor if you want to extract from the database. You would need an xslt to parse the output xml.


instead, if you have access to tcdata/model directory templates, then you can utilise the 'bmide generate datamodel doc report ' exe. I would try borrowing the exe from a similar/same environment if it is not in the bin folder. Best Regards Harish

Re: Teamcenter 6 - Extract Data Model

thanks, I will look in the model-folder and scan th xml-Files