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Teamcenter Installation

Hello Team,


During installation of Teamcenter, I have found something which very interesting and unexpected. 

I don't know it's a bug or feature that intentionally provided by Siemens.

if it's a bug I would like it to report it to Siemens PLM Software.


1) Whenever we install Teamcenter, 2 users will be created one is Installation User (infodba) and second is System User (OS Username) in Teamcenter.


2) While creating System User in Teamcenter, TC Installer checks for license server, Whether its up and running and validates its expiry date as well. 


3) But if we create OS Username as "infodba" and try to install Teamcenter from it, it will skip creation of system User as its already available as Installation User (infodba) and it will not check for license server even if you provide any faulty credentials (IP address & Port for License server)


4) Advantage of this is anyone who wants to learn Teamcenter functionalities outside of the company network on their personal system can install and use almost all basic modules (except workflows)


5) The drawback is we cant create additional user as we don't have license file and hence we will not able to initiate workflows.


6) But apart from this, it will be very helpful for the beginners to install and Use Teamcenter on their personal system if it's legal to do so.


let me know your views on the same.








Re: Teamcenter Installation


Yes! you are correct, infodba user can use TC without any license.

Re: Teamcenter Installation

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There are two users provided by Siemens that use the "Admin" license. They are "infodba" and "dcproxy". Installing Teamcenter as a different user, in your case System, will result in that user being added as an "Author" since they will be running services that are being installed and will require a login to reach Teamcenter. TongueartGettingS...

Installing Teamcenter as "infodba" is the easiest way to avoid pulling an Author license that may be used by another user in your company but is not a best practice. The "infodba" administrative user is all powerful and some companies don't like installing with this account. Separating the installing user from the administrative user is a Siemens best practice. This results in the OS user consuming an Author license which is acceptable to mitigate risk. TongueartGettingS...Smiley Frustrated

It is not valid to run Teamcenter without a license. It is a pre-requisite for installing Teamcenter. Tongueartcorporat...

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