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Hello Everyone,


Does anyone know if I can directly install the 11.3.1 integrator or do I need to install 11.3 first and upgrade afterward?!


Thanks for all comments!

Best Regards,



Re: Teamcenter_Integration_for_SolidWorks_11.3.1_WIN64


complementing my question:


Looking for the Readme (link bellow) found with the - 91,424,567 bytes - Jan 27, 2017.





We can see that " It is not necessary to install any previous versions of this product prior to installing this patch".

But, "Install as noted in the Teamcenter Integration for SolidWorks Installation Guide Version 11.3.0".



And there is a procedure using TEM where we have: ""Follow these steps if the Teamcenter Integration for SolidWorks is already installed in the selected configuration, and you are updating to a newer version of the integration. You should always perform this step whenever upgrading to a new version of the Teamcenter Integration for SolidWorks".


Does Someone know about it?



Thanks again!

Re: Teamcenter_Integration_for_SolidWorks_11.3.1_WIN64

I think, You can directly install SWIM 11.3.1 even if you dont have SWIM 11.3.0,

But in case you already have SWIM 11.3.0 you can update that to SWIM 11.3.1