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Teamcenter Integration into NX

I'm having difficulties with a new TC install, unable to connect it up with NX.  Looking for help, struggling with the documentation.  When I try to launch NX 11.0 in managed mode (I launch it with "C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX 11.0\NXBIN\ugraf.exe" -nx -pim=yes"), I get the following error:


NX failed to load in Managed Mode.PNG


I'm running a 2-tier installation of Teamcenter (10.1.7).  I don't understand where or how to point NX to the proper locations.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  This is what I installed on my client:


TC Install Details.PNG



Re: Teamcenter Integration into NX

The common work-flow is to first start the Teamcenter rich client and then start NX from within it.

To run NX without the rich client, you need to use %UGII_BASE_DIR%\UGMANAGER\ugmanager.bat to start NX in managed mode.


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Re: Teamcenter Integration into NX

Thanks.  I had kind of figured this out, but it's not super clear.  To anyone else looking, from within Teamcenter you launch NX from the File Menu (File->Open in NX).  If you don't see that option from the File menu, Go to Edit->Options and under the "NX" option you can set a flag to show the option to launch NX from the File Menu.  Don't know why it's not automatically turned on.

Re: Teamcenter Integration into NX

A bit more info on launching managed NX without the Tc rich client:



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