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Teamcenter Rapid Start 11.2 Save as didn´t work with revision rule




we have a problem with save as funktion in Teamcenter Rapid Start 11.2.2.

I have created 2 Item-types in BMIDE (KItem and NItem). Both have a Revision-Rule attached to their Revision. The revision should start with numeric values 00, than 01, 02 ....This works in TCRS and NX if we create a new Part or Item. It also works I we create a new revision of the same Item.

But If we make a SaveAs to a new Item (same Type), we get "A" as the next revision and not 00. The SaveAs-process stops with a failure, couse "A" didn´t match the revision naming rule.

What it wrong?

Her some pictures:


This is the example in the previous state. Next Picture shows the revise-funktion which works fine:

image-2 _ revise.jpg

Now the SaveAs on the ItemRevison direct:

image-3 _ save-as_revision.jpg

If I click "assign", I get "A" as the new Revision. Now the SaveAs On the Item:

image-4 _ save-as_item-1.jpgimage-5 _ save-as_item-2.jpg

Again the "A" Revision.

And here my BMIDE settings:

Image 7.jpg


Is there anything wrong? Hope anyone could help me.

Best regards to all of you.


Michael Eichelberg, CAD-Consultant, Dr. Wallner Engineering Nord GmbH
Production: NX11.0.2, NX12.0.2
Development: Batch and VB Testing: NX(1847, 1851, 1872)