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Teamcenter, SCCM, and Windows 8

Is anyone successfully installing Teamcenter 10.1 rich client onto Windows 8 client via SCCM?


If so, let me know! I want to compare notes. UAC keeps tripping us up, and in Win 8 it's pretty troublesome to turn UAC off, even temporarily.


Re: Teamcenter, SCCM, and Windows 8

Did you ever resolve this? How far in to the install do you get? Mine fails almost immediately.

Re: Teamcenter, SCCM, and Windows 8

We have somewhat resolved it. I can share my script with you if you like.
Windows 8 and UAC continue to be a problem, though, and we are talking with Microsoft about more robust ways to handle the situation.

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Re: Teamcenter, SCCM, and Windows 8

If you could share it, that would be great.

Re: Teamcenter, SCCM, and Windows 8

Could I see your script? Are you installing it as an Application or Package in SCCM?

Re: Teamcenter, SCCM, and Windows 8

Is the script available anywhere? We are trying to use SCCM to deploy 4tier clients. Thanks

Re: Teamcenter, SCCM, and Windows 8

OK I have attached our latest and greatest SCCM-deployed installation script. Some notes:

- SCCM runs this under the SYSTEM account. This avoids any issues with UAC and elevated priveleges.

- Java does not like running under the SYSTEM account (since that account isn't a real user and has no user profile). Thus, we don't use TEM for this install.

- Instead, we simply copy a pre-built base TC 4-tier client from a network location. We have three flavors: TC only, TC + NX Manager, and TC + NX Manager + TCII. You will need to determine how many different base TC 4-tier clients you will need.

- After we copy the base client, we then install all the extra goodies like SWIM, Office integration, Vis, etc.

- This script determines what CAD integrations you require by searching for installations of the various CAD products we use. If you install TC before you install NX, for instance, you won't get the TC + NX Manager, you'll just get TC

- All of the software packages referred to in this script must be in the same directory as this script, or underneath it, or SCCM won't copy them properly and the script will fail.

- This script uninstalls older versions of TC unless you defeat it using the -nopurge switch.