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Teamcenter SSO Login failure

I get following error while login to TC11 SSO:


"A single sign-on operation has failed. Check the Teamcenter server syslog file for a message from the TC SSO library and contact the system administrator."


The TcServer Syslog shows:

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - EIM_does_table_exist:  POM_AUDITED_USERS is not there - Teamcenter.POM at


ERROR 515240: ITK_init_module_login failed - at


ERROR - 2016/03/21-17:30:07.382 UTC - - loginUser::initialise failed for 515007



I already have SSO login working on TC9 with the same LDAP user and settings. So I belive the LDAP user settings are correct.


Any idea what could be wrong?


Thanks in advance!!


Re: Teamcenter SSO Login failure

One more info: I get the popup window (Tc security agent), which says login is successful.

Re: Teamcenter SSO Login failure

Check your Identity Service configuration. Specialy the address to it, so there is port settings just right.

Accepted by topic author xplm2005
‎04-22-2016 10:25 AM

Re: Teamcenter SSO Login failure

This was interesting. I was on Java7 Update 67. SSO login worked after I moved to Update 71.

Re: Teamcenter SSO Login failure

I encountered this same error.  I recieved special jar files to package with the war files used for SSO.  You can get the custom jars from GTAC

Re: Teamcenter SSO Login failure

What version of TC11 you have in these? I'm now having same problem after TC11.2.1 patch 1 (java is 1.7_75). No problems before patch 1 upgrade Smiley Sad What name are those jar files you noted?

Re: Teamcenter SSO Login failure

Even I had received signed JARs from GTAC ( JARs under ssoLoginService\webapp_root\applets\) , but it did not work.