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Teamcenter Upgrade (8.3-10.1) Blank Error

I have two "custom" projects one dependant on the other.  The first one I was able to upgrade via BMIDE with limited (and easily correctable) issues.


The second template gets through all the processing and then at the very end tries to role everything back.  It throws a couple error messages and then references the log.  The problem is the error message does not provide any clue what may need to be fixed.


Has anyone else come up against a similar issue?  And if so what was the cause?





Re: Teamcenter Upgrade (8.3-10.1) Blank Error



Maybee you can setup a fresh TC10.1 environment and then load your template into this and get some more details than the upgrade process give you. Normally you can see something in the logs what is causing the error.

One thought, you have converted both of your TC8.3 BMIDE to TC10.1 BMIDE before you do the upgrade?There is a check during upgrade which you shouldn't be able to pass but as you have one that depends on the other this check might not be 100%.


.. all just my thoughts.

Re: Teamcenter Upgrade (8.3-10.1) Blank Error

[ Edited ]

Thank you for the feedback.  Yes the first template (dependant on Foundation and CM templates)upgraded without issue.  So it appears the first project operates cleanly for the second project which is dependant on the first.


I'm curious to know what you mean by fresh TC10.1 environment?  Do you mean a fresh 10.1 BMIDE or Server Application install?



Re: Teamcenter Upgrade (8.3-10.1) Blank Error

When I first read your thread my mind thought you did it through the upgrade process with an existing TC8 environment.


By fresh I mean an OOTB, Out of the box installation and then you install your custom template into that.

It was just a thought if this could give more information about the failure.

But maybee this is what you done.