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Teamcenter XML Export Specific Properties

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Valued Contributor


For a batch program I would like to export an XML file just like I added as an attachement ( or at least the data ).

The export is requested for an Assembly Item Revision, but it should get the info for each occurrence, and it's suboccurrences, etc. The Revision Rule would be Latest Working or Latest Alpha Order


For every Item Revision, I would like to add the following items:

Url = filepath to the CAD file on the server

The Item Revision Property "Article Number" (Custom, Mapped in Teamcenter as articlenumber)


I tried a bunch of different Transfer Modes, but none of them actually exports anything like this.

I have dba, so I can access XML/TC Export Import Admin. I also tried to read through the different guides about this subject, but it's not as easy as I thought.


The truth is .... I am Dutch

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Re: Teamcenter XML Export Specific Properties

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There's an out-of-the-box transfer mode called "ConfiguredDataFilesExportDefault" that should be a good starting point for what you're trying to accomplish. You would add the custom "Article Number" into the PropertySet. Make sure you make a copy of "ConfiguredDataFilesExportDefault" before you start making modifications...

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