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Teamcenter run error



When I try to run Teamcenter 10.0 I get a java error code 13.

as showen in the attached file.


Re: Teamcenter run error




Check what Java version you have installed on the client.


If you run a Tier 4 Client, it's easiest to have Java JRE 7 installed.


This since Java JRE 8 creates a different folder structure than Java JRE 7.

JRE 7 is always located in a folder called "C:\Program Files\Java\jre7".

And your Environmental Variable JRE_HOME is pointing to that folder.

But, JRE 8 is different, since it adds the complete name of the current version and update e.g. (C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_25)

And this change for each update...


It is possible to run Java JRE 8 on T4 clients, but it require that JRE_HOME is pointing at the correct JRE 8 folder.


I have solved this by running a script before TC (portal.bat) is launched on the clients.

The script check in the registry where the current Java version is installed (java_home). Then I match that towards JRE_HOME. If there is a missmatch, it will update JRE_HOME with the value from java_home and then give the user a message, that he/she needs to start Teamcenter again due to this update. If everything matches, it will launch portal.bat.


Hope this helps  ;-)


Best Regards