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Teamcneter Acknowledgement Task


Hello Experts,

I have placed an acknowledgement task after the final approval task. I have used the EPM_Auto_assign handler and used argument -assignee withvalue as $PROCESS_OWNER.

However, when I run the workflow, the acknowledgement task is completely by-passed. It does not come back to the process owner at all.

Can you help me out here?


PS: Attached is the xml file for the w/f


Re: Teamcneter Acknowledgement Task


You could try removing the EPM-auto-assign handler from the 'Designer Acknowledgment' task as you have EPM-auto-assign-rest on the root of the workflow.  From the documentation:


"If this handler is attached to the root task with no argument specified, the workflow
process initiator is made the responsible party for all tasks in the workflow process."


It might be confusing it?


Also, you have 2 routes going to the "Check & Review" task.  You never used to be able to do this, you always had to use an 'Or' task.  Not sure if you are able to do this now... I still always put 'Or's in my workflows to collect multiple paths.



Richard Bennett
PLM Consultant