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Template upgrade tips for TC10.1 from 8.3


Started to check on our upgrade from TC8.3 to TC10.1

In the TEM upgrade process I have come to the step Upgrade Database features when it's verifiying the different templates.

What I now can see is that our company template needs an upgrade ... but I haven't installed the new BMIDE version yet.:smileysurprised:


So as I understand I need to install BMIDE 10 first and make upgrade of our template.

And so I did just coming to the next stop ... BMIDE needs the templates for our other integrations like swim, ipem, tcic etc and they need to be from the supporting version of TC10.

... so to be able to get the BMIDE import step to work I needed to extract some parts of each integration template package (the file [integrationname] plus the (found it in the TC10 installation folder) then finally add the old master.xml file which we have in our 8.3 BMIDE template folder located in [TCROOT8.3]\bmide\template.


So now I have been able to upgrade our BMIDE template so that good but the steps to get there I feel is akward!

How did you do it?



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Re: Template upgrade tips for TC10.1 from 8.3

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

We didn't do it by ourselves, the Siemens consultant checking that the upgrade process succeeds did it.


He then used the migrated template for the migration of our production system.

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Re: Template upgrade tips for TC10.1 from 8.3


I have recently started doing this as well.  I installed BMIDE 10 and then through the BMIDE added the baseline templates.  Configuration Manager>Perform maintanance>BMIDE>Add/Update Templates for workingg with BMIDE click add and then browse...


I started by adding CM from the list...


I did not manually rip anything out I just had to browse to the "feature_<proj name>.xml" file location in the deployment package.  This automatically built up the dependant templates and master.xml file.



Hope that helps,