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The data migration problem.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi, I have a question about the internal data migration. 

Now the current customer has MPM system and MBOM system and the server MPM system and MBOM system use are different. The customer want to migrate all the data into MPM system from MBOM system. We are thinking how to migrate all the data into MPM system. the data model in MPM is defferent in the datamodel in MBOM.


So I don't know which solusion we use to transfer all the data from MBOM into MPM such as just picking the database in MBOM system and moving it into MPM system.Or do we have to develop the imprt tool?


Could you give me some answer to the questions below? 

The following is the question.

1- Now in current both system, the data model in MBOM is different from the data model in MPM system.    

    What  I am concenered about is:

     - The movement of the Attribute:

       For example, in the MBOM system, the attribute defined in Item in MBOM system is moved to the item itself in MPM system. In that case, during transfering the data into MPM from MBOM, is there any problems occured?

     -  The changes of the mandatory attribtue :

         For example, in the MPM system, the attrirbute in the Item Revision is mandatory attribute. But in the MPM system, the mandatory attribute is not mandatory attribute. In that case, is there any problems occured? 



If there are any problems, I would like to suggets some import tool. Or if there is not any error during transfering all the data into MPM, I will take the way to just move the database of MBOM system into MPM system.