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Thin client FMS_HOME / TCCS question

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Solution Partner Experimenter

 I have a unique question relative to Thin Client. Here's the scenario:


We are a supplier for Ford. We have Ford Teamcenter Rich Client 9.3 installed on 10 workstations with Catia and Office integration. We’d like to implement TcRS for our own internal use and access it from the same 10 workstations. (Ford and GTAC will not support multiple rich client installations on the same workstation.) If we could use thin client only for TcRS that would meet our needs. (ex: 4T RAC for Ford and Thin Client for TcRS) The only requirement for our TcRS would be to store JT files, MS Office files and ZIP files of Catia assemblies. There would be no Catia integration because it's thin client and Catia is already integrated with the Ford environment. 

Here's where I'm having an issue. I have the TcRS thin client working in a test case and I can create all the datasets I need. When it comes to interacting with those datasets using TcVIS, Embedded viewer or Office I run into issues.


1) From Thin Client, how could I interact with the JT files in TcRS when FMS_HOME and TCCS is currently pointing to the Ford Teamcenter server? Keeping in mind I can’t alter the variables or compromise the Ford Teamcenter client installation.


2) Office integration also points to the Ford Teamcenter server so all I can do in TcRS is download the Office dataset, edit it local and upload it back to TcRS.


In short, how can I use Thin Client for TcRS with FMS and TCCS currently pointing to another server without altering the current Ford configuration?


I appreciate any help you can give me on this. Thanks!