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Typical Maintenance for Tc

Can anybody provide me with what are some typical maintenace activities, and corresponding schedules, for a Tc installation.  I am new to the administration side and I have been tasked with the task of finding out what tools are available to say reduce volume size, increase efficiencies, etc? (We are Tc 9.1 and use MS SQL)



Re: Typical Maintenance for Tc

Take a look at the "Maintenance utilities" and "Volume and databasemanagement utilities" in the Utilities References guide.

- clearlocks

- dataset_cleanup

- purge_datasets

- purge_volumes

- report_volumes

- verify_tasks

- collect_garbage

- etc.

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‎09-28-2015 09:43 AM

Re: Typical Maintenance for Tc

Hi Lindy


I have a number of scheduled jobs that run on my Teamcenter server.


 run_clearlocks I currently run daily, but at a larger site I would run twice a day

 dataset_cleanup I run daily

 collect_garbage I run weekly

 review_volumes I run weekly


These tasks I consider a minium, so you should look at 1st.


Hopr that helps



Re: Typical Maintenance for Tc

Thanks guys

Re: Typical Maintenance for Tc

Clearlocks used to be a really great tool before 4tier environments were introduced. Running "clearlocks -verbose" in a 4tier environment is known to remove valid 4tier tc sessions in the database (but leaves the tcserver running).



A user walks away from their machine for lunch followed by a meeting (or vice versa). The session times out and the database thinks its invalid. If clearlocks is run before this user returns then the database session will be removed yet the tcserver is still running on the enterprise tier. The user comes back and clicks on a workspace object only to find that their session doesn't respond anymore. If clearlocks had not been run then the client would reconnect to a new tcserver and continue on like nothing happened.



Better, run list_users. It has the beneficial side effect of cleaning dead sessions. Avoid clearlocks unless you're certain "good" sessions will not be killed unintentionally.




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