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Unable to assign/remove project in TC 10.1.5

[ Edited ]

After upgrade to 10.1.5 from  8.3 we are not able to assign projects to Items. Only autoAssign works fine.


Users cant see list of projects in Assign project dialog. Also unable to remove owning project property.


We have following settings


 TC_allow_remove_owning_project = true

 TC_show_all_user_projects = false


TC_project_validate_conditions = 1




It seem's like a bug, but may be anyone have some idea to resolve this?


Accepted by topic author alex_c
‎01-27-2017 12:22 PM

Re: Unable to assign/remove project in TC 10.1.5

So, we think we've found the solution.


There is very strange behavior in Project application in tc10.1.5.


If we choose top level node group in oranization structure to make some user privelleged member of a project then no project are shown in Assign to Project dialog


But if we choose Role or subgroup where user present - all functionality work fine.