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Unable to check in a dataset TCUA9.1.2.8


We are just testing TCUA9.1.2.8 prior to upgrading from TCUA8.3


I have discovered that although I can query checked-out objects, I cannot "force" check-in, even as DBA with bypass switched on.  I also cannot transfer the check-out to me, "because" it is checked-out by another user.  Surely this is the whole point of a function to transfer a check-out?  If it wasn't checked-out, I wouldn't need / use a transfer check-out function.


Our experience is that datasets often (but not always) remain checked-out, even after the user has closed NX and Teamcentre.  The problem arises when another user needs to edit that dataset, and the user to whom it is checked-out is not available to check it in.  I also don't want to have to go to each user and ask them to explicitly check datasets in - that just makes the system look like it isn't fit for purpose.


We have TC_ENABLE_IMPLICIT_CO set to false as apparently setting it to true can cause other problems.