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Unable to run backup_xmlinfo.exe

Hi friends,


I am getting POM_INIT_Module error when i attempted to rum backup_xmlinfo.exe.


Can anybody give suggestion to solve this problem


Thanks in advance


Re: Unable to run backup_xmlinfo.exe


Error 515194 says: The TC_DB_CONNECT information is not set.


Did you run tc_profilevars?


Thanks and Regards

Yogesh Fegade

Re: Unable to run backup_xmlinfo.exe

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Yogesh has it right. You did not run backup_xmlinfo in a Teamcenter command window. Your environment is not set. To run in a normal command window you'll need to:

set TC_ROOT=<path_to_tcroot>
set TC_DATA=<path_to_tcdata>
call %TC_DATA%\tc_profilevars.bat


Note: Its better to use a mapped drive than a UNC path for TC_DATA. Batch scripts don't like UNC paths.


Next, validate that your environment is set correctly...

set T

Note: You should see a bunch of Teamcenter environment variables listed.



Then you can run a Teamcenter utility.

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