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Unable to see the change revision objects.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Dear Listers,


We are seeing a very strange behavior after the upgrade(10.1.7--> 114.0.4). The Revision of the change objects have disappeared. When we search for the revision and do an where used on it gives an error message and in the syslog we see the statements as attached.

This is on MSSQL Server and Windows Platform I have the done the following 



DBCC useroptions --> Isolation levels was only Read Commited



SELECT *  FROM sys.dm_exec_sessions WHERE database_id  = db_id('tcPROD')



Checked teh DBCC useroptions and it is changed to Read Commited Snapshot.


The issues do not go I see that there are strange "Garbled" alphabets as in the attached snapshot not sure what they are....


Any advise what could have gone wrong and we can recover from this. 


The struck out red is realted to the company 






Re: Unable to see the change revision objects.

Solution Partner Esteemed Contributor Solution Partner Esteemed Contributor
Solution Partner Esteemed Contributor
Looks like something wasn't validating language and now it is. Those look like control characters in the image. But the user doesn't see a marshalling error or "Failed to parse XML document" error message? Tc uses Latin1_General_BIN character set (ISO-8859-1).

Work around:
ASCII control codes are not compliant with XML and you can use a replacement character by setting in tc_profilevars.bat:
(32 is Space in ascii)

Fix permanently:
This may work or may not depending if this is truly an invalid character issue.
1. You have to know your class and property name combinations from BMIDE.

2. Find the control characters using:
install -find_control_chars infodba infodba dba WorkspaceObject object_name
Note: in the above I'm searching class WSO and property object_name. You have to run the command multiple times using class\property combinations.
Output will look something like:
Selected option: Look for control characters in a given string attribute.
Started POM v1000.0.1 ...
in WorkspaceObject:object_name
12 strings contain a character 0x6
29 strings contain a character 0x7
17 strings contain a character 0x8
40 strings contain a character 0xb
44 strings contain a character 0xc
17 strings contain a character 0xf
16 strings contain a character 0x10
23 strings contain a character 0x11
6 strings contain a character 0x13
24 strings contain a character 0x14
9 strings contain a character 0x17
Install terminated successfully

3. Now identify a replacement character (hex). I used "". And fix the issue by running:
install -replace_control_chars -u=infodba -p=infodba -g=dba WorkspaceObject object_name 06 ""

As always, make a db backup before modify it. You can find the ascii/decimal/hex table on Google.

Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
NX 11 | SW 2016 | Creo 4 | TcUA 11.4
Evaluating: AW 3.4

Re: Unable to see the change revision objects.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

This is a bug in the 11.4.04 and we had an eloborate session with Siemens PLM and they are providing a CSP for this.

This is related to the pom_timestamp which is defaulted to 96 hours and that has corrupted the revisions in the workflow.

We had to be on call with the SPLM for almost two days to get this query and tested this on the dev environment with the prod data( did a db refresh of prod in dev) ....after the query is applied it started working.


My experience is better to move to 11.6 patch