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Unidentifiable T4EA error: TCL ERROR ON PIPE SERVER

Hi All,


I'm using T4EA to import data into Teamcenter from a legacy database.


The approach I'm using is the following:

In a scheduled job I'm reading the legacy database, and based on the changes happened there I'm creating some T4EA Batch Jobs, that are intended to update some items in Teamcenter.


It's not uncommon that I have in one scheduled job more than 1 million SQL statements executed in the legacy database.

If there are a lot of changes in the legacy database, (that implies even more SQL statement executions) than at a certain time I get the following error: 


 java exeption function=staticRun in class=de/tesis/plmware/objects/commands/WithCommand
    while executing
"tpco_sendECMD $handle $timeout $command $quotedArgs"
    (procedure "::T4X::JAVASERVER::sExecute" line 14)
    invoked from within
"::T4X::JAVASERVER::sExecute 514 with 514.*23651 executeQuery"
    ("eval" body line 1)
    invoked from within
"eval ::T4X::JAVASERVER::sExecute $serverHandle with $handle $methodName $args"
    (procedure "T4X::OBJECTS::tplet" line 17)


Could someone help me how could I find out what's the root cause of this?




Software Engineer

Re: Unidentifiable T4EA error: TCL ERROR ON PIPE SERVER



Did you check the gateway logs by setting the trace level to the lowest value (I think to 'info'?!)

what do those logs say?


Can you share the log statements preceding the error statement?



Re: Unidentifiable T4EA error: TCL ERROR ON PIPE SERVER

Hi Harish,

I'm really glad that you've replied. Smiley Happy
Unfortunately I'm quite new in this T4x/T4EA word, so a lot of things are not clear for me.

In the T4EA documentation I couldn't find where to set the log level. Could you give me a hint for this?

Regarding the logs... there are quite a lot of them (user logs, session logs, system logs, and the log for my script). And unfortunately I couldn't find anything relevant in them... Smiley Sad
Could you give me a hint in which one I should get a closer look?

Software Engineer